Oaxaca, Mexico


With appealing cultural and culinary scenes and a beautiful colonial core of lovely, tree-shaded streets, Oaxaca is one of Mexico's most captivating cities. Artists and artisans alike are inspired by the area's creative atmosphere, indigenous traditions and bright, clear light. Oaxaca has top-class museums, charming inns, fascinating markets and its own subtle version of Mexican cuisine. The easygoing pace frequently breaks out into the fireworks of a fiesta, and there's some brightly colored event unfolding in the streets or the Zócalo (Oaxaca's lovely central square) almost every day.

Set at the nexus of three mountain-flanked valleys, the city is surrounded by fascinating archaeological sites and villages, many with bustling weekly markets. The surrounding country provides abundant opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding and cultural trips, and good tour operators make it easy to enjoy these experiences.

Oaxaca is located in Southwestern Mexico. It is bordered by the states of Guerrero to the west, Puebla to the northwest, Veracruz to the north, Chiapas to the east. To the south, Oaxaca has a significant coastline on the Pacific Ocean. The state is best known for its indigenous peoples and cultures. The most numerous and best known are the Zapotecs and the Mixtecs, but there are sixteen that are officially recognized.

  Oaxaca, Mexico

If Mexican cuisine ranks as one of the world's great cuisines (it was the first cuisine to receive UNESCO culinary heritage status), it's certainly aided in part by what goes on in the kitchens of Oaxaca!

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